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Born out of homeowners’ ever-increasing demand for reliable and trusted Australian made products, Convair is proud to offer Evaporative Cooling that delivers just that.

Safe, reliable, locally made high performing products that offer the best value for money.

Convair Cooling CA and CX Series Product Range

The CA Range comes in four models (small, medium, large and extra large), covering small units to large homes.

Featuring an inverter motor, the premium CX range delivers greater energy efficiency, with whisper quiet operation.

Convair Premium CX range features and benefits

Featuring an inverter motor, the premium CX range delivers greater energy efficiency with whisper quiet operation.

Convair evaporative cooler exploded view with controller

Exceptional Water Distribution

Increases cooling effect. Convair's unique patented water distribution system means no clogging and no dry spots on the filter pads.

Clever high efficiency pad wetting system.

Total pad saturation for total cooling.

High performance cooling day and night.

Premium inverter motor and fan for high energy efficiency and whisper quiet operation.

Highly durable and non-corrodible outer casing

Visually discreet, low profile.

Integrates unobtrusively with the roof line.

High performance polymer construction.

Highly durable, will not corrode or rust.

Auto Water Draining Keeps Your System Clean**

Reduce the need for seasonal maintenance with this optional feature*

This clever device conserves water by retaining the water for up to 72 hours of non-operation.

*Regular maintenance (typically every two years for domestic use) is still required.
** Auto drain kit Included in the CX Model. Optional drain kit is an added extra in the CA model.

Water Pump That Won't Block

Australian designed and manufactured.

Built to outlast other less efficient conventional style pumps.

Dual directional – it can’t block!

Water management system

Auto water draining keeps your system clean, ensures maximum efficiency, while using the minimum amount of water.

Water quality monitoring to maximise water savings.

Digital Wall Controller

Set your preferred temperature level on the clever wall mounted control and Convair will do the rest - quickly, cleanly and reliably.

Maintain your desired comfort level with four convenient modes to choose from - cool, vent, auto.

Auto weather seal reduces draughts and dust

Automatically closes off the air conditioning ducts when not in use.

Reduces winter chills entering your home.
Ensures comfort all year round.

Controller Options & Optional Extras

Controller Options

Convair smart thermostat controller and standard digital controller

Smart thermostat wall mounted touch controller

Upgrade to the Convair smart thermostat wall mounted touch controller, the next step up in climate control and how you manage your desired comfort levels.

Control the temperature, fan speed and many more features on a user friendly touch screen.

Standard digital controller

Set your preferred temperature level with four convenient modes to chose from – cool, vent, auto and timer.

Optional Extras

Convair Evaporative Cooler auto drain kit

Auto Drain Kit

Helps to keep your evaporative cooler clean, by automatically draining excess or used water out of the system at set intervals.

The Auto drain kit is an optional extra on the CA models, and is included as standard in the CX models.

Convair bushfire protection diagram

Bushfire Protection Kit

  • Helps guard against ember attack in bushfires.
  • Made from non-combustible mesh.
  • Maximum aperture of 2mm.
  • Can be fitted to existing cooler pad frames.
  • Minimal reduction in air flow of around 5%.

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