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Convair Evaporative Cooling Cooler Range

Convair Standard CA Series Product Range

The CA Series Evaporative Cooler Range comes in four models (small, medium, large and extra large), covering small units to large homes.

  • Unique water distribution system that ensures no clogging of the filter pads
  • Automatic weather seal that closes off the unit to the air conditioning ducts when it is not in use
  • Simple and easy to use digital wall controller
  • Automatic drain valve that holds water in the tank for up to 72 hours (optional extra)

Evaporative Cooler Colour Options

Convair evaporative coolers come in three popular colour options, to help you match your cooler to your roof.

Convair CA Series Evaporative Cooler Slate Grey colour

Slate Grey

Convair CA Series Evaporative Cooler Beige colour


Convair CA Series Evaporative Cooler Terracotta colour


Controller Options & Optional Extras

Controller Options

Convair smart thermostat controller and standard digital controller

Smart thermostat wall mounted touch controller

Upgrade to the Convair smart thermostat wall mounted touch controller, the next step up in climate control and how you manage your desired comfort levels.

Control the temperature, fan speed and many more features on a user friendly touch screen.

Standard digital controller

Set your preferred temperature level with four convenient modes to chose from – cool, vent, auto and timer.

Optional Extras

Convair Evaporative Cooler auto drain kit

Auto Drain Kit

Helps to keep your evaporative cooler clean, by automatically draining excess or used water out of the system at set intervals.

The Auto drain kit is an optional extra on the CA models, and is included as standard in the CX models.

Convair bushfire protection diagram

Bushfire Protection Kit

  • Helps guard against ember attack in bushfires.
  • Made from non-combustible mesh.
  • Maximum aperture of 2mm.
  • Can be fitted to existing cooler pad frames.
  • Minimal reduction in air flow of around 5%.

Product Warranty

Convair Product Warranty

Convair comprehensive 5-year warranty badge

Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty

Convair structural 10-year-warranty badge

Structural 10-Year Warranty

Convair permatuf cabinet 25-year warranty badge

Permatuf Cabinet 25-Year Warranty

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