Convair 6-Star
Gas Heating Range

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Convair ducted gas heater range

Convair C6 Series 6-Star Ducted Gas Heaters

The Convair C3 Series range of heaters are the most efficient heaters in the Convair range, ensuring ultimate comfort and maximum efficiency.

Controller Options & Zoning

Controller Options

Convair ducted gas heater- smart thermostat and standard digital controller

Smart thermostat wall mounted touch controller

Upgrade to the Convair smart thermostat, an intuitive and attractive touchscreen control that allows users to easily operate the Convair ducted heater and quickly switch to cooling (where applicable).

Standard digital controller

The standard digital controller is used for heating only and comes with a large display screen that is easy to read.


For added flexibility and greater efficiencies, Convair zoning offers up to 4 zones on the one Smart Thermostat.

Magiqtouch controller zone - control house diagram

Further Zoning Options

For further flexibility and control, an option for up to 10 zones individually temperature controlled is available.

Extra Air

The C5 and C6 extra air model heaters offer the option of pairing the heater with a third party refrigerated cooling system, ensuring year round comfort through the same ductwork and outlets.

Convair Extra Air ducted work units controllers

Internal Gas Heater:

When the add on cooling is selected by the controller, the Heater switches over to fan only mode blowing air over the indoor cooling unit

Indoor Fan Coil

The Indoor fan coil is connected to the outdoor unit via a series of pipes carrying refrigerant gas and is also connected to the Internal Gas Heater.

The Indoor fan coil cools the air down that is blown over it by the internal gas heater


The Controller communicates with the heater and add on cooler to efficiently distribute air and cool down the house

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor fan coil via a series of pipes which distributes and compresses the refrigerant gas enabling the indoor fan coil to operate in a cooling mode

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